Environmental Consultancy Services

I am a locally based consultant providing environmental services. I have co-ordinated and prepared Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), which have supported the grant of planning approval. I have prepared Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) to support planning approval for 200 new dwellings and a new cycle route on the Samares Nurseries site, mixed development schemes in St Helier and also to support applications for waste management facilities and self-catering developments.

I am the only locally consultant providing transport assessments. I have prepared many Transport Statements that have supported the grant of planning approval and have a good understanding of Department for Infrastructure – Highways Section requirements. If assessments require a more detailed analysis I have a good working relationship with a number of UK environmental consultants to deliver what is needed to meet assessment requirements. I have appeared as an expert witness on transport matters at both public inquiry and appeal.

To ensure that the development phase minimises the risk of negative environmental impacts, there is often a requirement for proposals for development to be supported by a Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP). I prepare draft and full CEMPs as necessary to support planning applications.

A key test of Island Plan countryside policies is the capacity of the landscape to accept change. I have prepared many Landscape and Visual Impact Appraisals to support the assessment and approval of planning permission.

Many proposals for development in Jersey require consideration of the effects of change upon the natural environment, including flora and fauna (for example; bats, lizards, slow worms). I work alongside environmental consultants to ensure that these effects are mitigated.